A heritage of digitising
complex assets that goes
back fifty years

An install base at the forefront of Industry 4.0

While our products and services are at the forefront of the industrial-digital revolution, Prediktor’s history of enabling incompatible data sources to communicate within an established context can be traced back to the 70s. A half century’s worth of experience digitising complex assets and automating functions means we have already overcome the most common challenges many times over.

More importantly, it means we have the experience and skills to identify, assess and solve new challenges as they arrive.

Engineer working with laptop installing  solar panels with Prediktor

Enhancing performance around the world

Our vast experience helping complex industries digitise their assets and portfolios means we have track record of helping industries become better versions of themselves. Always enhancing performance. Always driving business.

Today, we provide performance enhancing capabilities to industry clients throughout the world. Our install base of several thousand systems is built on our core – digitisation, consolidation and contextualisation – and is driving real-time results using open standard information models. Upon this, we apply our world-class operational excellence applications.

Our Partners

Our global partners enable us to deliver value on every continent, ensuring we have close relationships with local clients. They enable us to work in local languages, integrate with local culture and work within the borders of local regulations. In essence, local expertise is a core component of our offer and it is made possible by our first-class global partner network.

Portrait of happy construction worker leaning on solar panel at Prediktor