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Authoritatively streamline granular expertise and Collaboratively coordinate maintainable fungibility streamline granular expertise.

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Webinar - How to digitalize operations for scaling 1000 x 536

Digitalize for scaling

Digitalization rapidly transforms renewable portfolios worldwide. This webinar shares industry secrets and tips for achieving a scalable digital transformation.

Webinar - Utilizing digitalization 1000 x 536

Utilizing digitalization

Digitalization is disrupting the energy sector, and data is a valuable commodity. Discover how global IPP Scatec Solar is leveraging digital platforms for optimized O&M.

Webinar - Understand Your Losses 1000 x 536

Understand your losses

This webinar reveals the cutting-edge AI research project by global project developers Scatec and Equinor and AI experts Prediktor and Norway’s Institute for Energy Technology.

How SCADA can ensure compliance, performance and bankability

The power of PV SCADA

A webinar sharing industry secrets and tips on how to achieve reliable, profitable and automated solar PV operations using SCADA.