Bad quality data

The challenge

Digital Disconnect

IIoT is not living up to its potential due to a lack of standardization. Data wrangling, data plumbing, and overall poor data quality are just some of the challenges that lead to what we call Digital Disconnect.



Prediktor edge sollution

The solution

Prediktor OPC UA Gateway

Using OPC UA-based semantic models that standardize industrial data sources make unlimited, real-time system integration and Industrial IoT an operational reality.

This way, interoperability across assets and enterprises is maximized.

Core features

Open standard information models contextualize your data to give you plug-and-play interoperability that is repeatable across assets and vendors. The contextualization also secures ease of integration of best-in-class applications and unlocks the full potential of IIoT.


The value we deliver:

  • Future-proof your operations with complete data integration and contextualization regardless of vendor. 
  • Consolidate and aggregate all your data to enable machine learning, predictive maintenance, and automation. 
  • Unlimited integration and migration drastically reduce the cost of development, deployment, and digitization. 
  • Enhance business intelligence and operational performance with the highest quality data. 

How can we help?

Portfolio Asset Management

Portfolio asset management is a dynamic field. 

Prediktor´s full stack of technologies implements enterprise standardization of asset data streams using OPC UA. 


Asset management

No vendor lock-in

We build your systems so they can host any information model.

Giving you a future-proof strategy without being stuck in a lock-in with us or others.


No vendor lock-in

The value we offer

  • Complete control of your portfolio - knowing and trusting the data are correct
  • Creating a data analytics platform, you can trust
  • Consistent updates about the health of critical equipment
  • 100% customized features tailored to your enterprise’s specific needs.
  • Consistent updates about the health of critical equipment

What we offer

Client-supplier partnership

We offer long-term partnerships with our customers, which is the key to achieving a digitalization process’s goals and objectives.

We provide full transparency in targets and strategies and it is important to us to create a solid collaboration and shared understanding with the organizations we work with.

We also onboard our clients on product development and believe that it is crucial to be agile in the way we work, as every customer is different.


Partnership 2

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