Bad quality data

The challenge

Lack of high-quality data

Poor-quality data and secure data transfer is a problem when digitalizing production assets. Data is collected from mixed sources and systems, and proper validation to ensure data integrity is often absent.

Prediktor OPC UA Gateway solution

The solution

Prediktor OPC UA Gateway

Use the Prediktor Historian to collect data from any automation source. Validate, log and communicate the data securely using “secure-by-design” OPC UA communication - bringing the full power of IIoT within reach.

Core features

Prediktor OPC UA Gateway is the historian that supports open-standard communication protocols, ensuring that your operations are future-proofed. 


The value we deliver:

  • Complete data capture and storage. 
  • Connect to any number of sensors or equipment by utilizing industrial communication standards. 
  • Expose all captured data from different standards simultaneously to support needs for various applications.  
  • Advanced algorithms and logic created through mathematical modeling
  • Enhance business intelligence and operational performance with the highest quality data. 
  • Cyber security best practices ensure the safeguarding of all data.

How can we help?

Portfolio Asset Management

Portfolio asset management is a dynamic field. 

Prediktor´s full stack of technologies implements enterprise standardization of asset data streams using OPC UA. 


Asset management

No vendor lock-in

We build your systems so they can host any information model.

Giving you a future-proof strategy without being stuck in a lock-in with us or others.


No vendor lock-in

The value we offer

  • Complete control of your portfolio - knowing and trusting the data recorded are correct
  • Having a data analytics platform, you can trust
  • Consistent updates about the health of critical equipment
  • 100% customized features tailored to your enterprise’s specific needs.
  • Consistent updates about the health of critical equipment

What we offer

Client-supplier partnership

We offer long-term partnerships with our customers, which is the key to achieving a digitalization process’s goals and objectives.

We provide full transparency in targets and strategies and it is important to us to create a solid collaboration and shared understanding with the organizations we work with.

We also onboard our clients on product development and believe that it is crucial to be agile in the way we work, as every customer is different.


Partnership 2

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