Improving the hydro business case with straightforward digitization

Our mission is to drive and protect the business case for hydro by maximizing performance and efficiency, even when stricter compliance and security are preasuring margins. We deliver straightforward digitization of hydro plants and portfolios by standardising and aligning all data, regardless of vendor or protocol. In this way, smart technologies can connect, share a defined context, and automate shared tasks. Because our open standard information models are repeatable, vertical and horizontal scaling is simplified so that it is cost effective and always in control
1 307 GW
Installed global hydropower capacity  in 2019
Hydropower accounts for approximately 17% of the total electricity supply worldwide
Source: International Energy Agency
Industry standard protocols and open information models help overcome the industry’s biggest and most costly challenges

Digital disconnect – in a world where everything is connected to a cloud or a server, directly connecting smart technologies in order to automate functions remains one of the biggest challenges. We use Advanced Operations Semantics in order to standardise and align data, regardless of vendor or protocol, so that smart technologies can connect, share a defined context, and collaborate on shared tasks.

Lack of standardization – whether it’s updating old technology with new, trying to connect different technologies from different vendors, or migrating assets and acquisitions, a lack of standardization often leads to vendor lock-in and compromises. We standardize all systems, protocols and data formats so you can simplify operations, scale with confidence and access best-in-class technology regardless of vendor.

Interoperability challenges – the more smart technology an asset has, the more people are needed to wrangle and clean that data. Our industry standard protocols and open information models enable plug-and-play interoperability solutions that are repeatable across assets and portfolios. This means your data scientists can switch focus from housekeeping to performance. 

Scaling up pilot projects – digital disconnect and a lack of standardization mean that most scale-up pilot projects spiral out of control, with deadlines, resources and costs being pushed beyond reasonable limits. Because we work with industry standard protocols and use open information models that are repeatable across assets, we make scalability pilot projects more predictable and more manageable. Whether scaling up horizontally or vertically, you can quickly scale your asset to where it needs to be.

An aging, retiring workforce – there are many factors driving urgency around digitization, but one that is often overlooked is an aging and retiring workforce that holds mission critical expertise and knowledge. Not only are such resources becoming increasingly harder to secure, the cost of those resources is increasing exponentially with the demand. Standardizing assets, automating functions and maximising interoperability is key to minimizing reliance on an ever-diminishing resource.

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"The OPC UA based software from Prediktor was among the solutions tested for use and was found to be very stable and user friendly – all at an affordable price. We are so far very pleased with its functionality and stability and with the excellent service provided by Prediktor during operation."

Lasse Eilertsen |  Technical advisor, Condition monitoring at Glitre Energi

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