Driving peak performance
with real-time data transformation

It’s all about turning data into actionable knowledge

Our mission is to ensure that renewable energy lives up to its full potential by increasing viability and competitiveness.  We drive efficiencies that reduce overall costs, optimize yield, and maximize the lifetime value of renewable assets and portfolios. Turning data into actionable knowledge enables predictive diagnostics and operations, which is critical to the business case and competitiveness of solar energy.


30 GW
Expected solar market growth in Europe by 2022
48% of the global net power plant capacity installed in 2019 was based on solar PV technology.
Solar panel prices decreased by 96% since 2000
Source: SolarPower Europe
Asset-centric, information-based asset management addresses the industry’s biggest and most costly challenges

Lack of operational insight – poor quality data, inadequate tools and a lack of built in solar knowledge means that renewable asset management is often reactive, dealing with performance draining events late in the cycle, often as a result of an alarm being triggered. We combine real-time, high quality data with our built-in renewable knowledge base to ensure data is quickly turned into knowledge, and that decision making shifts from reactive to predictive.

Data overload – the more smart technology an asset has, the more people are needed to wrangle and clean the data. All too often data scientists are drowning in thousands of data points. Our industry standard protocols and open information models enable plug-and-play interoperability solutions that are repeatable across assets and portfolios. This reduces data handling so that your data scientists can switch focus from housekeeping to performance.

Scaling and migrating digital disconnect, a lack of standardization and different plant configurations mean scale-up and migration projects spiral out of control, with deadlines, resources and costs being pushed beyond reasonable limits. Because we work with industry standard protocols and use open information models that are repeatable across assets, we make scalability and migration more predictable and more manageable. Whether scaling up horizontally or vertically, you can quickly scale your asset to where it needs to be.

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"Prediktor is one of our selected Platinum Partners. Prediktor PowerView enables Scatec Solar to get the most out of our assets; we now have full visibility into our operation – in real time and historically for analytical purposes – both from a single plant perspective and in terms of fleet control. Prediktor has deep competence in PV operations and contributes significantly in our efforts to develop a profitable business."

Pål Strøm |  SVP O&M, Scatec Solar

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