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In Prediktor we are always eager to find new talents and engaged people to our team. Would you like to join us to help the industry with data for deeper knowledge about their processes enabling optimization and improvements?

In Prediktor we develop and deliver systems and solutions for this, and we have years of experience in efficient and reliable data collection, data storage, data analysis and intelligent use of data in industrial processes. As a Prediktor employee, you will have the opportunity to work with modern technology, skilled colleagues and demanding and leading industrial customers.

If this matches your career interests and goals, use the form below and send us an open application.

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Why Prediktor?

Everyone working in Prediktor is united by a common goal: a burning desire to contribute to a sustainable future through digitalisation. To lead the transition into the new digital era, we need people who can think in new ways and who want to make a difference. Together we can achieve it. We can't afford not to.

Unlimited learning

The people who work for us are our most important resource for assisting industry on their digitalisation journey. That is why we are committed to facilitating both their professional and personal development.

An inclusive workplace

To reach our ambition of creating a sustainable future, we rely on a multitude of people who bring their ideas and strengths into the Prediktor team. We have a diverse workforce consisting of a mix of genders, ages and cultural backgrounds where everyone has an equal opportunity to succeed.

Room for creativity

Digitalisation is an important factor for our sustainable future. We know that our employees are our most important source of creative ideas that will take us one step closer to that future – ideas we want to help realise.

Attractive benefits

  • Market-based and competitive salary 
  • Attractive pension and insurance schemes.
  • The ability to adapt your work situation to your private life through flexible working hours and home office arrangements.
  • Training facilities at our HQ.
  • Cantina with tasty, healthy food.

Feedback from our employees

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When I first started in Prediktor I had little to none experience about OPC UA and their products. After some months of training, project work and working close with colleagues, I am now in charge of my own little part in projects. The feeling you get when you see how much the work you do really matters for others, is what I love about this job so much. It really does have an impact here.

I feel at home here and everyone works closely together, shares their knowledge with each other and are always helpful. I think Prediktor is a great company to work at and offers great solutions to our customers around the world.

Tonje Thøgersen

Project Engineer

I first heard about Prediktor from Steinar Sælid when studying cybernetics and industrial IT. The world was open to me and I was willing to move anywhere to get the perfect job. After a lot of research and thinking I moved to Fredrikstad to work with Prediktor in 2007. And I haven’t regretted it.

Working with MES system for food, wood and car parts. Research projects in multiphase flow and oil, water gas separation with Equinor and FMC. PLC control and optimization in district heating. AGV control and many other exiting tasks. I think this job never gets boring. Also having highly technically skilled management has been key for me.

The culture in the company is to really care about the customer and never let a customer down. I feel we have a unique customer service and understanding. Meaning we deliver solutions that helps the customer a lot. And that is my greatest satisfaction.

Henning Winsnes

Senior Project Engineer

I have been at Prediktor for a long time now, and the challenges just keep coming! The variety of the tasks is what makes it fun. From simulations of oil field production to visualization of solar plant production, from dynamic positioning to deoxygenation of sea water, from radar systems to plant information models. Making software from backend to frontend in an enjoyable environment of very competent colleagues. The thrill of being in front of technologies like OPC UA.

It was Prediktor that brought me to Fredrikstad after I finished my studies. Fredrikstad is a beautiful midsized town with lots of opportunities for enjoying the sea, culture, city life, walks in the woods and much more.

Oddvar Grønning

Senior SW Developer

I was hired in Prediktor while working on my Masters and worked here since.

My focus has been on Quality Assurance where most of my time has gone into testing our software and developing procedures and programs to fulfil this task.Due to our diversity, it has not only been in-house, but also testing our software in the field to ensure compatibility with other vendors. It’s a positive experience to be able to follow our software from development to deployment.

At Prediktor we have a great work climate together with the opportunity to work with interesting and challenging tasks. If you reach a roadblock, you have some of the brightest people in their fields at your disposal.Your voice is heard when it comes to HR and technology decisions. We have multiple departments where you can apply yourself if you want to tip your toes in new challenges.

Jonas Taby

Test & Integration Manager

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