Prediktor Visual Insights

A real-time, cross vendor data conversion dashboard that provides the foresight to make smart decisions when they matter most.


A severe state of digital disconnect

Millions of data points from different protocols that deliver incompatible data formats lead to a state of digital disconnect, where you have a high level of connectivity but a low level of interoperability. On the one hand this demands considerable investment in resources needed to wrangle, clean and deploy data, on the other hand it can lead to single vendor contracts that limit your ability to best-in-class technology that can help you achieve operational excellence.


A journey into operational excellence

  • The foresight to make smart decisions when they matter most
  • Standardize, clean and transform all data in real time
  • Performance critical, smart visual insights always at your fingertips
  • Simplify complexities and apply context to raw data
  • Rapid integration and migration with adaptable plug & play templates

Simplify and share

  • Industry standard protocols and open information models standardize, clean and transform data in real time, wherever that data is stored.
  • Advanced analytics and semantics simplify complexities and apply context to raw data, getting you quicker to the insights that matter.
  • Graphical presentations, organized into smart visuals, highlight key performance indicators, operational status and historical trends.
  • Underlying information models and templates enable dashboards to be created in seconds – while maintaining the ability to tailor when required.
  • Smart visualizations that are intuitive, interactive, customizable, scalable and shareable.
  • Share and access anywhere on any device clear, intuitive insights and smart visuals with fast renderings.
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"Prediktor is active in the OPC Foundation OPC UA working groups, and has been very innovative in advancing the cause of the OPC UA technology."

Thomas J. Burke |  OPC Foundation President & Executive Director

"The OPC UA based software from Prediktor was among the solutions tested for use and was found to be very stable and user friendly – all at an affordable price. We are so far very pleased with its functionality and stability and with the excellent service provided by Prediktor during operation."

Lasse Eilertsen |  Technical advisor, Condition monitoring at Glitre Energi

"The implementation of the MES provides us with immediate in-depth insight into our production process and is an essential tool for REC to stay competitive. Also, the manufacturing system which precisely reflects our production is key for us to achieve a high level of automation."

Mathias Pellnor |  Process Manager at REC Solar.

"Prediktor is one of our selected Platinum Partners. Prediktor PowerView enables Scatec Solar to get the most out of our assets; we now have full visibility into our operation – in real time and historically for analytical purposes – both from a single plant perspective and in terms of fleet control. Prediktor has deep competence in PV operations and contributes significantly in our efforts to develop a profitable business."

Pål Strøm |  SVP O&M, Scatec Solar

"It is essential for us to have control of all our production assets to stay competitive. This is especially valid for our raw material consumption and availability of the production equipment."

Per Erik Knivsflå |  Production Manager at Orkla Stranda

"Prediktor has with their Apis software secured a stable real-time data stream of time series data from the offshore field center. A stable dataflow to shore are considered critical for Johan Sverdrup and the digital agenda. Utilization of real-time data supports a large amount of internal users and external stakeholders with their work processes."

Equinor |  Excerpt from Public Statement

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