Maximise portfolio and business
performance with best-in-class

Our best-in-class applications reduce operational complexity to deliver better performance at lower cost, enabling your assets and portfolios to increase automation and prediction and unlock the full potential of IIoT.


Vendor lock-in, complex implementation and lack of flexibility are impeding performance

As well is tying up resources and driving up costs, interoperability challenges lead to poor reporting and monitoring, which hinders quality decision making. Vendor lock-in blocks access to best-in-class solutions, while a lack of standardization means that even with access, best-in-class solutions often demand complex implementation. More often than not, applications are too complex and have usability challenges that further delay the enablement of automation, machine learning and predictive maintenance.


Prediktor’s best-in-class operational excellence apps drive performance and business

Built upon the Prediktor Core, and developed on a half century’s worth of experience, our operational excellence applications reduce operational complexity to deliver better performance at a lower cost. Our best-in-class applications help overcome interoperability challenges with better monitoring, reporting and decision making. Easy to use, configure and update, our applications unlock the full potential of Industrial IIoT with automation, machine learning and predictive maintenance.


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"The implementation of the MES provides us with immediate in-depth insight into our production process and is an essential tool for REC to stay competitive. Also, the manufacturing system which precisely reflects our production is key for us to achieve a high level of automation."

Mathias Pellnor |  Process Manager at REC Solar.

"Prediktor is one of our selected Platinum Partners. Prediktor PowerView enables Scatec Solar to get the most out of our assets; we now have full visibility into our operation – in real time and historically for analytical purposes – both from a single plant perspective and in terms of fleet control. Prediktor has deep competence in PV operations and contributes significantly in our efforts to develop a profitable business."

Pål Strøm |  SVP O&M, Scatec Solar

"It is essential for us to have control of all our production assets to stay competitive. This is especially valid for our raw material consumption and availability of the production equipment."

Per Erik Knivsflå |  Production Manager at Orkla Stranda

Future proof your operations with data consolidation and digitalisation

Our data consolidation and digitisation solutions structure your real-time and historical data to ensure that best-in-class applications have access to secure, high quality data they need to unlock the full potensial of IIoT.


Increase your freedom to operate with total data contextualisation

Our open standard information models contextualize your data to give you plug-and-play interoperability that is repeatable across assets and venders, making it easy to integrate best-in-class applications and unlock the full potensial of IIoT.