Increase your freedom to
operate with total data

Our open standard information models contextualize your data to give you plug-and-play interoperability that is repeatable across assets and vendors, making it easy to integrate best-in-class applications and unlock the full potential of IIoT.


Interoperability challenges and costs are spiralling out of control

Real-time interoperability requires hardware and smart technology to communicate directly and operate within a defined context. But because different vendors use different protocols and data formats, a lack of standardization makes context one of the biggest challenges in achieving interoperability. A blend of old vs new technology and incompatible vendor protocols, often exacerbated by acquisitions and mergers, demand deep integration and endless data wrangling.

A lack of standardization across protocols and data formats puts increasing pressure on resources, timelines and KPIs, while sending integration costs spiraling out of control.


Use purpose specific semantic models to standardise and contextualise all industrial data

Prediktor’s Advanced Operations Semantics offers an alternative to deep integration and data wrangling, enabling you to achieve real-time, plug-and-play interoperability that is repeatable across assets. Working with industry standard protocols (OPC-UA) and open information models (ISA S95), we standardize and contextualize all industrial data so that you can unlock the full potential of IIoT.

Prediktor makes automation, machine learning and predictive maintenance an operational reality, so that assets can achieve unprecedented levels of interoperability. Combine our Advanced Operations Semantics with our suite of operational excellence application and maximise total portfolios value.

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"Prediktor is active in the OPC Foundation OPC UA working groups, and has been very innovative in advancing the cause of the OPC UA technology."

Thomas J. Burke |  OPC Foundation President & Executive Director

"Prediktor has with their Apis software secured a stable real-time data stream of time series data from the offshore field center. A stable dataflow to shore are considered critical for Johan Sverdrup and the digital agenda. Utilization of real-time data supports a large amount of internal users and external stakeholders with their work processes."

Equinor |  Excerpt from Public Statement

Future proof your operations with data consolidation and digitalisation

Our data consolidation and digitisation solutions structure your real-time and historical data to ensure that best-in-class applications have access to secure, high quality data they need to unlock the full potensial of IIoT.


Maximise portfolio and business performance with best-in-class applications

Our best-in-class applications reduce operational complexity to deliver better performance at lower cost, enabling your assets and portfolios to increase automation and prediction and unlock the full potential of IIoT.