Future proof your operations
with data consolidation and

Our data consolidation and digitisation solutions structure your real-time and historical data to ensure that best-in-class applications have access to secure, high quality data they need to unlock the full potential of IIoT.


Scattered and siloed data brings more problems than solutions

While it’s understandable how asset data ends up in different silos – old vs new technology, different access requirements, different vendors etc. – siloed data is the biggest hindrance to operational performance. Siloed data requires manual processes, which is a guarantee of poor-quality data and ensures that data accessibility and usability are in a never-ending cycler of data wrangling.

Because the amount of data produced and required is expanding exponentially, the cost of making siloed data accessible and usable knows no bounds. If the goal is the straightforward and scalable digitization of assets, data silos have to go.


Complete data consolidation for straightforward asset digitisation

Prediktor data consolidation works across both EDGE and Cloud solutions, and enables easy integration and structuring of new hardware data streams as old hardware is replaced with new technology. Spooling, buffering, redundancy and validation are used to overcome poor quality data. Complete data integration gives you real-time access to the data you need, when you need it, so that you can increase automation and reduce human error.

Once your data has been consolidated and your asset digitized, we contextualise your data with open standard information models that enable unlimited cross vendor integration and automation, bringing the full power of IIoT within reach while protecting cyber security.


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"The OPC UA based software from Prediktor was among the solutions tested for use and was found to be very stable and user friendly – all at an affordable price. We are so far very pleased with its functionality and stability and with the excellent service provided by Prediktor during operation."

Lasse Eilertsen |  Technical advisor, Condition monitoring at Glitre Energi

Increase your freedom to operate with total data contextualisation

Our open standard information models contextualize your data to give you plug-and-play interoperability that is repeatable across assets and venders, making it easy to integrate best-in-class applications and unlock the full potensial of IIoT.


Maximise portfolio and business performance with best-in-class applications

Our best-in-class applications reduce operational complexity to deliver better performance at lower cost, enabling your assets and portfolios to increase automation and prediction and unlock the full potential of IIoT.