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How to Digitalize Operations for Scaling - A Practical Approach

Digitalize for scaling

Digitalization rapidly transform renewables portfolios worldwide. This webinar shares industry secrets and tips for achieving a scalable digital transformation.


Successful strategies for industrial digitization- Standards, Open Source and Industrial App-Full Vi

Successful strategies for industrial digitalization- Standards, Open Source, and Industrial App-stores

Industrial digitalization is a hot and noisy landscape these days. This seminar cuts through that noise by addressing a few key strategic elements in industrial digitalization that will make the landscape clearer. The sessions are a combination of introductory sessions of the topics and some examples of successful strategies.


Understand your losses How can AI boost PV performance

Understand Your Losses

This webinar reveal a cutting-edge AI research project by global project developers Scatec Solar and Equinor, along with AI experts Prediktor and Norway’s Institute for Energy Technology.


Utilising digitalisation to maximise operational performance

Utilising digitalisation

Digitalisation is disrupting the energy sector and data is now a valuable commodity. Discover how global IPP Scatec Solar is leveraging digital platforms for optimised O&M.